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Our Vision

Xkstensive Off-Road has been around since 1999 but at the time it wasn’t known as Xkstensive, we operated under another name and another company but were still able to provide top notch truck accessories and advice to those in need. We didn’t become “Xkstensive” until 2018 when the business needed to separate itself from our other company and our brand “Xkstensive” aka XKOR was made!The idea for XKOR was from our customers. So many people were coming to us with complaints about other shops and their unethical morals. We saw a niche and knew that we had an opportunity to simply be honest and recommend parts and accessories based off of what the customer “needs” rather than what we wanted to sale or sales goals for that month.


Mission Statement: Your vehicle, your budget, your build! We are simply the provider that cares and will advise you through the process while getting you the absolute best price & customer service!Vision Statement: To be the number 1 trusted source for you vehicle’s parts and accessories for years to come.


Facts about us: We are dedicated to providing you with what you need versus what you think you want. Many times people see a sports car they want and get caught up in the moment of emotional purchase....we will remind you that you have 4 kids and a wife and we will get you what you “need” so you won’t look back tomorrow and hate us for allowing you to make that mistake. We operate with uncompromising integrity and always put ethics and morals first! We too are all truck lovers and enjoy tricking out our vehicles no matter if it’s floor mats or 12” lift kits, it’s our passion!We try to attend as well as give back to all the local, regional, and national shows that is possible to attend to show our presence in the community as well and provide some insight to those with questions. If you see us at a show...come over and chat!!We specialize in Toyota Tundras but carry parts for all makes and models. So don’t hesitate to get that 7” lift for your Tundra and bring home floor liners for your wife’s Cadillac!

With the number of brands that we carry, we cannot physically list them all.If you're looking for a brand that you don't see, please email us or contact us through Facebook. Also, we do offer wheel and tire packages, so don't hesitate to contact us with your wheel brand, model, size, finish and tire choice so we can help you save some money!!